Welcome to my portfolio. These videos aim to show you my skill in creating suiting music for different games and gameplay situations.

Corn Kids 64:

I gave BogoSoft permission to use some of my old FT2 tracks, This video features "Led past Evil Leavs".
Game released in 2023, song released in 2002.

Sunset Hills:

A song made for a city in a adventure game, here tested in the game: Skyrim.
Song made in Renoise in 2011.

Beach partaj:

A comparison of my test song and the original. I really liked the original song for this level but I still wanted to try my own style. The main goal with this video, however, was to show my idea implementing different layers of music in a game like this. When you find the boss and fight it, the tune changes and gets more stressed. The game I played was: Path of exile.
Song made in Logic in 2016..

Showdown in the mothership:

A space tune for a space game, here tested with: XCOM: Enemy unknown.
Song made in Logic in 2013.

Open Tavern:

A remake of the song below, made for a tavern in any adventure game, here used in the game: Pillars of eternity.
Song made in Logic in 2016.

Open fields:

A tune made for exploring in a adventure game, here used in the turn-based game: Endless legend.
Song made in Logic in 2016.

K 1.0:

A try to make an interesting video story. I put in more time and effort in recording and editing the video then I did on the actual song (or soundscape). It does still partly show you how I envision a theme for a radiated wasteland. A funny note about this song is that it's only made with samples starting with the letter: K. The game I played while recording was: Fallout 4.
Song made in Logic in 2015.

Dwarven brass:

A long tune for a casual game like this: Craft the World.
Song made in Logic in 2016.

CC - Terran theme:

Although it's painful to watch my lack of skill in this RTS, I really want to show that I can deliver music to this kind of fast paced game to. This song got so big and heavy on my music computer that it forced me to upgrade the computer memory after finishing it. Even with the lag in the production I think it turned out OK for this show case. The game I tried to play is: StarCraft 2.
Song made in Logic in 2016.

Burnout Paradise test:

I wanted to try adding some heavy guitars in my game music. A match made in heaven, right? The game I played, with my son (who also was talking a bit into my headset while we were recording), was: Burnout Paradise.
Song made in Logic in 2015.

Arne's Tavern:

Another tavern tune, also a remake from a exploring tune, this one used by a tavern in the game: Skyrim.
Song made in Logic in 2016.

Arne's open field (v1.1):

Here's the exploring music that lead to the tavern song above. I like the idea of a red thread throughout all experiences
when it comes to the music in a adventure game. If you hear a certain melody in the distance when exploring the area around a town, you feel at home in the tavern in town when the same melody meets you - although in a different form. The game I used in this video is, once again: Skyrim.
Song made in Logic in 2016.

Arne - The dragon slayer:

Finally, here's what it sounds like when I try to implement the same melody into the battles of the adventure game I wrote about directly above. I realized, after uploading it, that this mixdown had a way to bright drum sound
. I, once again, used the game: Skyrim.
Song made in Logic in 2016.