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I'm Gammis. This is my homepage. I make music for games. I've composed over 1000 songs and tunes over the years and it seems that I'll never stop creating, I'm just one of "those" guys I guess. My main goal with this page is to easily show some of my work for my future co-workers in the gaming industry. It is also a space where I intend to gather all that I've created over the years, just for fun. I hope that you will enjoy your stay!
- Gammis

News 12th Jan 2024:
It's time to say goodbye to 2023. It was a productive year for my music even though it was rough for me personally. I came to change up some ways that I handle my releases - again. So there will be way more single releases and not so many huge projects in the future. Here are the yearly stats:

2023 yeilded:
50 finished songs.
73 released songs.
147 started song projects.

I won't share all the new singles released here on the main page, but here's a few:


I opened an old unfinished project from 1998 and remade it from scratch.


This is a party song I made to tribute a pair of my counter-strike teammates.

Du vet vad jag menar

The most near Country I've ever been, It's happy though. :)

C.A.F.I.C.S. (2023 Dance Remix)

Another version of one of my first mods ever.
- Gammis

News 22nd Aug 2023:
Hi, I’ve been releasing (almost) to much music for my own comfort this summer. More news follows after I show you the newest batch. This first one is a full album of “layed back popish troubadour songs” written in my youth (except the first song that was written previously). The album was released with the original Swedish lyrics, and thus, I released it as Gammis:

This was just the first song, look up the whole album on spotify on the discography page if you are intrigued.

The second release is a single released with a new alias: Dance Chills. Hope you enjoy:

It has been a thrilling summer with a lot happening for me as a person as well as a musician. At one moment I visualized this news entry to be one of the most joyous texts I’ve ever would have written, but then life have a funny way to caught up and bring you back down to level sometimes. Don’t get me wrong though, I love what I do and I’m fine. I have some health issues and have been trying my hardest to take care of them this summer. There’s been progress with my health, then there’s been setbacks and progress again. As for the music, there’s been a lot of publishing! I would say that there’s been the regular amount of creativity and productivity but maybe a increase of social networking and publish work with about 1000% ? …yeah, looks about right. I released to much at the same time, in retrospect that was dumb. One of the most important albums I’ve ever made has gone completely in the dark since I don’t have the strength or my audience patience to spotlight it. I also took it on myself to try to become my own agent for the first time. I pitched my own song to several radio stations and spotify playlists. At first I was blown away with how great it all looked to go. I was promised fame and riches from beyond my dreams! …not that I asked for it, but OK. But then I realized that most of these so called playlist pitching processes doesn’t result in any new listeners at all. All the followers to these playlists we are pitching to are just bots or other musicians that pitched to these playlists before and none are really listening to these lists activity. It’s kind of a dead end for my music money – so to speak. It was a mixed experience though, because there are some fire souls out there still who try to do good and sort out the people who really are trying to make good music. I would like to give a special shout out to a radio channel in the UK filled with old guys like me who really seem to teach the kids out there what it means to be a fan of real music. There were a few others that I like to contact again, so not all was lost. The best feedback came from the answers of my personalized PMs I messaged on STEAM to my cs:go buddies, and a few of my facebook friends. And I think most of the streams of the Touli Chate album comes from there. I even got a question about if the album is going on vinyl. Oh, the glory! So, going forward I will probably (don’t like to promise in absolutes) continue to publish a lot more releases since I plan to make much more singles and fewer full albums. I wonder how my discography will look like a few years from now… At this moment I have one single that is completely finished but not published, three singles that are 90%+ done and several hundreds laying in wait in the layers under those. I’m involved in two game projects that seem to get done and published on steam in the future and I also help in the publishing of nine albums that I’m not involved in a creative way more then the album cover art. Until next time!

- Gammis

News 27th Juli 2023:
Dear reader.
Today is a special day for me. Today I get to release my most precious album ever - up to this point. There is so much to tell and I don't want to water this page down with to much print. But here I go. I started to record this album more then eleven years ago. The songs were then already made up in my mind since all of them represented one chapter each in a book that I already had written the concepts of (all 28 chapters).

Touli Chate: Volume 1:

One song per chapter!
Song concepts written in 2011, recorded and developed throughout 2011 - 2023, released in 2023.

So why did it take me so long to get this album finished? Why is this album my most precious? It has been a roller coaster of emotions attached to the project over the years. It represent more to me then just these nine songs. I mean, just listening to the music, one could argue that I have made similar rock songs before that didn't need eleven years to finish. So what's the big fuzz!?
Follow me on a journey here. This was the first real project I started working on when I swapped to MAC and Garageband/Logic instead of Cooledit/cubase/renoise/scale/FastTracker2/Impulsetracker/ModplugTracker and good know what I was using to make music back on my windows based computers. So it was a new world for me and I was filled with new determination and inspiration. I choose to really sink my teeth in a big project like Touli Chate right away and felt like I really had something going on when I came up with the songs "My Second Home" and "Until You Suffocated". To be honest I had been trying to make some of the other songs on the album work with the windows based program: Renoise, but it just didn't work out. I had visions of how I wanted to songs to become but could already see how the music programs limitations would stand in my way from the start. I was almost about to stop making music period when I instead decided to swap to mac and give that a try before ending it - so to speak. And then those two songs happened (Thank god for that, right!?). Finally I was home in a LEFT-to-RIGHT music making environment (DAW) that I could learn to love. I could finally learn to grasp midi that I had tried and failed before and I could once again record audio and this time record several takes on top of each other and choose which one that I wanted to use. WOW. Things were happening. And then I started to work on the other songs on the album... And it got messy. I tried to import the old projects from renoise into garageband. I bought Logic and tried again. I really winded up against a wall of my own expectations. I guess I understand now how hard I made it for myself, but at the time I just felt like a constant failure when I came back to this project. Even so, I really kind of loved it and wanted it to move on, so I took it up time and time again over the years and made new efforts to press it forward. One year I would crack the code with one of the other songs and then feel great about that. And then another song came along the next year, and so on and so forth. But ever so often I found my self lacking in skills of recording techniques, mixing knowledge, mastering know-how or just the right tools for the job. So, what was it that made this so much harder then the rest of my projects? Well, I had a set vision from the start. All the songs had a set order and a set story. I couldn't just leave one song out because it was to complicated or sounded bad, I had to stick to the given script. With a tight script there is no room for error. And when you work towards a given goal you really need to know how to get there. Sometimes I just start a song project and see where it gets me. There is no effort in planning in such a song project. But this time the effort of making the songs how I needed them to become was almost everything. I needed to re-record some of the guitars several times over these years. I needed to totally scrap loads of recordings. There where several "kill your darlings"-moments which I hate to have, but needed now. I found myself in new situations as a mixer- and master-engineer. I'm not a great guitarist, but I played until my finger bleed a few times. I'm proud of my dedication. This album will forever be a testament of my perseverance. I finished it even when facing a lot of obstacles. At one time I was about to quit making music all together. Now I can share these songs with the world instead. 

- Gammis

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