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Nerd Chills

Dance Chills
Detached Ignorance


Gammis Games Co-op:

Corn-Kidz 64:

In 2023, Bogosoft released Corn Kidz 64. Gammis contributed with a few songs to the game. Be sure to check it out!

Lyle in Cube Sector:

Another game by Bogosoft. Gammis contributed with 3 tracks.

Older projects:

Hazard ball. Before release Gammis abandoned this project, allowing the developer to use all assets he made for the game. The final version was sadly released with remakes of both levels and songs instead of the originals.
Dice of Chaos. A puzzle game that had 14 songs by Gammis. Couldn't find a decent link, sorry.
THE Game. Another puzzle game made by Ocsid and Gammis. A fun game that never got published. Gammis made some graphics, some level design and lots of music to this game.
Legion. A action game by Dark Pryzm. Gammis made 8 tracks for the game.
Barricade. A robot action-puzzler from Dark Pryzm. Gammis made 4 tracks for it.
Fallacious Gear. A RPG. Gammis made 1 track and put a lot of effort into level design.
Nibbles of Lemonride. Gammis made 8 tracks, graphics and the lore together with Heed.
Neptune (the first try) was a project with Ocsid. Gammis made some graphics (that will be used in the new release) and 11 tracks for the game.