I'm Gammis. This is my homepage. I make music for games. I've composed over 1000 songs and tunes over the years and it seems that I'll never stop creating, I'm just one of "those" guys I guess. My main goal with this page is to easily show some of my work for my future co-workers in the gaming industry. It is also a space where I intend to gather all that I've created over the years, just for fun. I hope that you will enjoy your stay!
- Gammis

News 10th Jun 2018:

2nd remaster is here! While still finding my groove around the mastering jungle I decided to take on some of the old Swedish leftovers in my local library (although I've released some of them in their pre-remastered state on my Youtube channel). There are no particular theme to this album but it still feels good to finally find a home for these songs. Some are just flat remasters since I cannot find the original work files, others are reworked in a bit more advanced fashion.
- Gammis

News 27th Apr 2018:

1st remaster done! This is an project recorded back in 2009. I felt that the general sound of the songs got so bad that I decided to discontinue the project and just release a few of the songs as singles. Now, nine years later, I've gained a bit more knowledge about mastering music and thought that the Moroten Oskar album deserved another try. It's a "flat" remaster - meaning that I just took the original mixdown and edited them from there. The cooledit project files is long gone. Hope you enjoy this weird EP. :)
- Gammis

News 11th Mar 2018:

Finally my kids first album is released! Ever since 2011 we have made a few songs per year on their initiative and now I felt it was time to sum the songs up into a whole album. Many of the songs were made in a similar fashion: I give them a beat and a couple of headphones, start a recording and then I leave the room. We had some copyright issues which prolonged the release but the whole issue turned out to be a error by the release company. I hope you can enjoy the sound of untamed creativity!
- Gammis

News 4th Jan 2018:
Thank you for your support during 2017. I finished 46 recordings during the year and started 51 additional recordings - not counting all the ideas on my dictaphone. My streamed music also generated a few bucks for a meal out with the family. I hope to reach a even higher number during 2018. With luuuv.
- Gammis

News 15th Dec 2017:

So, my second album of the year is out. It all started with me trying out something new in logic and one month later (November has always been my most productive month) I had a full length, 14 track, album finished. This is me going back to my electronica roots, with a bit of house/techno feel added. There are six totally new songs and eight remixes of old tunes on the disc. Track no. 9 is a remix of one of my first musical arrangements ever. Listen to it via the links on the discography area.
- Gammis

News 11th Dec 2017:

So, I made a Warframe related Christmas jingle. Seems that the point was writing a text, not recording a song. But anyways :)
- Gammis

News 27th Nov 2017:
This is the first day that this page goes public. Peace and pinatas.
- Gammis

News 22nd Oct 2017:
The old site got hacked, so I started making this simple HTML site instead. Stay simple, stay safe.
- Gammis