Omgång 1 – GRUPPSPELET: MATCH Åke Lars-Ingvar Stefan Erik Johannes Malena Daniel Axel Veronika Benjamin Brazil v Croatia  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1 Mexico v Cameroon  1  x  x  2  2  x  1  1  2  2 Spain v Netherlands  x  x  x  2  x  x  x  x  1  1 2/3 …



Finally! The DGM album is finished. It took me about 18 months from scratch and contains 15 tracks. All lyrics in swedish. Find it here: DGM

oooooook, thnx W4 post list

Sigh, so now I have to remake every list that this site is based upon… It’s dangerous to update wordpress plugins, all my data was lost and all the time I spent to structure this site is away for ever. So, if the site seems dumber then normal, I havn’t gotten to it yet..

Update a la youtube

Hi people! So, a update is in order! Most new activity has been focused on my youtube page, making new videos with old content. For instance, check out the childrens radio program I made in 2011. Also, I’ve done more album medley videos and a lot of counter-strike related movies. But there’s been some serious …


CS flow

So, the inspiration for Counter-strike have kept on flowing as well as some new found musical inspiration (or… I have the TIME to make music now, rather). Anyway, here’s some new members to the  Counter-strike hymn collection: Tribute to Elias: När Elias spelar CS (lyrics in swedish) My P90 Tribute to deewey: Jag minns ditt …


Whats up?!

Hey there (noone :)) …anyway. Here’s whats I’ve been doing: Counter-Strike Yeah, I’m back in the saddle, playing a little bit less serious now when the new GO-system makes it easier to play 5-on-5. So, naturally, I coulnd’t let myself play without recording  – and then some. First, here’s a little movie about my early …


Showdown in the mothership

Hey, time for another gameplay music test! This time it’s the great game “XCOM: enemy unknown” that I’ve sinked my teeth into. I think that I’ve managed to get the right feel for the gameplay – even if I didn’t cut the movie accordingly to the action in the song – or vice versa. The …