Memorylane medley

Another endless project for you, album medleys. Starting it off with the first one I made:

CS flow

So, the inspiration for Counter-strike have kept on flowing as well as some new found musical inspiration (or… I have the TIME to make music now, rather). Anyway, here’s some new members to the  Counter-strike hymn collection:

Tribute to Elias: När Elias spelar CS (lyrics in swedish)

My P90

Tribute to deewey: Jag minns ditt första HS (lyrics in swedish)

Tribute to Jolias: Fort, och hur som helst (lyrics in swedish)

They gave me a colt

Somebody is hiding

I shoot the cops


…more to come :)

Whats up?!

Hey there (noone :))

…anyway. Here’s whats I’ve been doing: Counter-Strike
Yeah, I’m back in the saddle, playing a little bit less serious now when the new GO-system makes it easier to play 5-on-5.
So, naturally, I coulnd’t let myself play without recording  - and then some.

First, here’s a little movie about my early CS-days. I didn’t have much material to choose from, but it tells you the story of my old CS-clan Lemonride:

Now, to the newer gameplay. I made a little song for it also. More like this will come:

And oh! I almost forgot this one, a try to make a title menu tune for Skyrim (or something similar):

Yup! So, there’s some action for you…
Also, I’ve made a song for a timelaps of a building-in-the-making for a movie company:

We have also recorded our new demo with the band. Still waiting on the mixes though. The trip was a lot of fun but some of the guys could have used a little more rehersal before making the trip… like all four really.


Ok, now I’m blank.

Showdown in the mothership

Hey, time for another gameplay music test!

This time it’s the great game “XCOM: enemy unknown” that I’ve sinked my teeth into.
I think that I’ve managed to get the right feel for the gameplay – even if I didn’t cut the movie accordingly to the action in the song – or vice versa. The thought was first tohave two different versions running alongside each other and then switch to the more lively one when in fights. That’s a great idea for most games to have – but it didn’t make a good enought video so, I just sticked with a mix of beating parts into the calmer one. Hope you get what I’m trying to write – time for bed here.


Also, I got an annoying problem with the site. Turns out that one parameter of all the posts are in error – so I need to type in what language the lyrics are for the tune/album in ALL post again…good that I’m lazy and havn’t even finished putting in all those data already…

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No comments please

Hey! So, I’ve been getting these massive spam-attacks into my comment section lately. Since there never seem to come any “true” comments, I’ve decided to stop this function for the homepage. So, if you still would like to give me feedback in some way, email me at the email in the footer or just give whatever a facebook like :)

In other news: I’ve tried to slim down my active project list to achieve something finished in the near future. There have been some success! Now everything is recorded for mixing and mastering on the DGM project. It’s a big project containing 15 unique titles. Also, I’m going to rehearse with Mutual edification again this coming sunday! Yeay!

But… after getting a nice surprise from my dad this summer, I had to try his old guitar-synth. Linked in with midi onto Logic, the result is really cool. Hope to be able to show you some day soon.


peace, piece, pass of

Feels like yesterday…

And it was! Yesterday my old band: Mutual Edification, rehersed for the first time in 8-9 years. Thnx to Christoffer Eklund and David Guvå for participating.


So… why are we rehersing? Well. It’s for yet another project – that remains semi-secret for now.
Big Boss

Also… I uploaded this little CS-GO-gameplay from when playing with this magical guy:

Music by “Vrah Teseni” (it’s really Gammis & Dronten :))

Two more please

So, it’s not that creativity has been higher recently. I just happen to finish some different work at the same time…

It’s my pride and joy to present to you the second movie from Gammis & Struten. “Den konstiga kossan” is a song that she wrote while we were recording. It’s amazing what a four year old can come up with spontaneously. The lyrics is in swedish and is about a weird cow, who really is a bull. Be sure to give it a “like”:

And also, I made a little extra movie the other night. It’s just for fun. It’s about a random guy who sits on a bench in a game called Two Worlds 2. The point is NOT the music – but rather the action on screen. The song is “Nude”, from 1999. Introducing: “Lenny the extra”.

Lots of luv //gammis

Good old days of 99

Yeah, I’ve finally finsihed one more medley movie. This time for the year of 99. It was a wonderful time with a lot of gaming and friendships forming. But I was still a sad little puppy, and most of my songs was emotional and dark. I think I was extra sensetive to what other people thought of my songs this year, since I made a lot of mods out of demand and taste of others rather then making them just for myself. I made Wrath, some people liked it, so I made SpareRide, The seartch for mami, Oaks of Orion, Cyberpoint crew and Moody. I made Cement feeling, people liked it, so I made Tree taste, Blue moral, Pumping steel, Bjause’r Rouse, Carring, Zent rehability and Flower. The best memory of one of these songs were when Wrath was played on loop for all to hear at a LAN-party where we were playing Star Wars POD-racer. It was a intence game with a lot of speed and the song kind of lifted the feeling of that. I sat there and smiled, filled with acknowledgement of me and my song being a big part of the “party”. :)

I hope that you don’t think all my efforts was totally invain. Atleast, I don’t.

And, as for more movies…. I’m rendering one on the other computer right now :)


Thank you!

I would like to thank these people for helping me with this site:
Kent Nordlinder
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Also, there are some users at the WordPress forums that deserve a big THANK YOU:
Barry Hughes
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If it weren’t for you guys, this site would be a mess.

Fun phunny puniest


So, back from my summer vacations. And my main computer was DEAD at arrival. Seems like the official-ness of this site will be postponed even further.