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I'm Gammis. This is my homepage. I make music for games. I've composed over 1000 songs and tunes over the years and it seems that I'll never stop creating, I'm just one of "those" guys I guess. My main goal with this page is to easily show some of my work for my future co-workers in the gaming industry. It is also a space where I intend to gather all that I've created over the years, just for fun. I hope that you will enjoy your stay!
- Gammis

News 30th Dec 2021:
Happy new year! It's time to take a look at 2021 and what I produced and learned over the year. It's been a kind of depressing year with covid-19 ruining lives and plans for everyone, but for me it's also been another great year of growth and productivity.
Released tracks: 56
Finished tracks: 43
29 of them matches both categories

I started 2021 by releasing Gammis & Dronten's "GG Livet". It was fun to work together with others when mixing and switching ideas for the masters. Then I put all my effort in finishing the "Finn Fem Fel" album that I later released as Kondenskungen. I'm feeling OK with the result even if it felt more like a mass production a la the assembly line rather then putting enough thought into every song. Then came the big release for the year with the Detached Ignorance album "Half Emptiness". I made great strides toward better mixing and mastering but still felt that I came up short in the end. The album got to much bass and sounds bad in some speakers. I'm still really proud of most of the songs on that album however, just a bit sad that I didn't switch mastering tools before releasing it. But I did switch mastering tools, only after the Detached Ignorance album. I now use the Izotope mastering plugin: Ozone, and I love it. Because of Ozone I would like to say that the last album I released in 2021, the "Introvert Tankesmedja" by Gammis, has the best sound of them all. I did not put as much work on the latest album as I did with the "Half Emptiness" one, but it still sounds better in my opinion. So that's a witness of how much help I got from Ozone. I've always wanted to learn how to master songs when using references, and now I've started to learn it! Lastly I made more money from my streams this year. Even if I don't do music for the money it's still a neat little bonus. So thank you to everyone who streamed!

The best of my songs from 2021, from the producers point of view, will have to be "Gammis - Smutset i Stupröret". The day I recorded it was a great day in the studio, as well as the day I mixed it.

Looking forward towards 2022 I'm filled with excitement. I've felt more and more under 2021 that I would like to give the game music career another try, maybe that is something that will continue to grow in 2022 and hopefully grow into some interesting projects. I also have a long line of half done albums waiting to get finished. Some of them already have their album covers done. So the set goal is to continue to release a bunch of albums, but I'm also ready to pause those projects if a game music gig appears. Let's see what the future holds. In any case, there will be more tones out of me, That's a promise.
- Gammis

News 20th Oct 2021:
Hi there. A new album is out and I can gladly move on towards the next few projects in line. This one sound a bit better then my older albums in my opinion. A great deal of that is due to more focus in the mastering process. It's hard to be the artist, the recording technician, the mixer AND the master engineer of the same songs that you once came up with and recorded on your Dictaphone. But with great tools it's apparently possible. I switched over to iZotopes Ozone while mastering and I believe it gave great results.

This is the third of four albums in a planned collection with ideas I've recorded on my Dictaphone over the years. I collected them all in 2018 and started to work out some structure to the songs as well as writing out the whole lyrics and so forth. It was a really exiting project at that time and I promised myself that I would see it through until the end. Now, however, I have so much more material recorded that I could expand the collection with a few more albums with ease. The idea was first to sum up these Swedish songs into different feelings, making the album color represent the mood of the songs. After a while I realized that the mood idea wasn't going to happen. Instead I've sorted them in a different way: The first album was the red one, and it was the one containing the more serious and, frankly, depressing songs. The second one was the yellow album which contained a lot of the more "brain dead" songs, if you will. Now, here's the blue one, and the theme of this one is: job. I've had my night time job in more the 10 years now and I've learned a lot about people in these years. Almost all the song ideas for the album were either recorded at work or handle my thoughts about my night time job or the work we do to get paid in general. I'm particularly content with track 9.

Introvert Tankemsedja:

Work it baby.
Project started in 2018, finished in 2021.
- Gammis

News 10th May 2021:
I finally did it! After lying almost entirely idle and 99% done for half a year, I finally did some of the last tweaks to this "baby" and then released it. I started with the album in the spring of 2020 as a side project. Soon it became clear that it would be the main project of the year and indeed my "2020 baby". After approximately nine months it was ready for release. But I wanted to wait a bit longer for more mastering inspiration. Instead I got Covid-19 and didn't touch my studio for two months. Then the project grew cold on me. To be honest I really feel that I could have mastered it better in some "ways". But every time I've opened the songs this year, I've lost track of what those "ways" would be and instead I've winded up with a feeling of wanting to move on. I guess that I should have sent it to some professional mixer/master-er, But that would have cost me... I'm not there yet. I'm still really proud of my "2020 baby" and I hope that you'll take your time and listen to the tracks. I want to thank Salah Fatah for singing the choir on "Love Communication" with me. That contribution means that I didn't do everything on this album entirely alone, so thank you!

Fun fact: The only song on "Half Emptiness" that wasn't entirely made in 2020 was the song "Cut Out My Eyes". That song was written in 2004 for the band Mutual Edification. I wrote it at home but formed it together with the band at the spring rehearsals before our summer tour that never got to be. Since then I've never recorded even a little memory note from this song - until now. It feels really cool to be able to remember songs in this way and then make the song "real" almost 20 years after it was written. I have another song just like that in mind for a coming Detached Ignorance release.

Half Emptiness:

Back to the roots of rock.
Project started in 2020, finished in 2021.
- Gammis

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